As mankind our body is the earth

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A young doctor’s hope after Trumps withdrawal from the Paris agreement

When I first heard that Donald Trump had finally done it for real, and announced the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement, I was suddenly filled with feelings I rarely feel. It was a whole mix of overwhelming feelings like outrage, sadness, frustration and the words repeating themselves in my head again and again “how can this happen, how can he do this?”.
As a person who cares tremendously about the environment and nature, I was of course very hurt, but also as a doctor who cares for the health of my patients. I have spent four years working with patients, doing everything in my power to the help them get well. But in the end, what does that matter if we don’t take care of the climate, nature, our earth. None of us can survive or thrive without a healthy earth. So I don’t see how I can care about my patient’s wellbeing and not care about the climate. We need to change our mindset, to understand that as mankind our body is the earth.


Luckily many of us already have that mindset, and it seems like there has already been a strong counter reaction after Trumps announcement, where the communion and joint forces of the rest of the worlds nations, towards a healthy earth and climate has only increased.

So in a sense maybe it is really a wakeup call for all of us. A wake up call to look inside ourselves. To see what we can do. In witch ways can we unfold our unique potentials even more, share even more with the world, dare to shine our lights in this world, spread our love. Because in the end, I think it is love that will save us. Love for ourselves, enough to let our lights shine. Love and respect for each other so we will work together, and love for our children to make sure we pass on a healthy earth and thereby a healthy body for them to thrive in. And last, but not least, a love for our planet who gives us so much, who gives us a paradise to live in.

Some years ago I wrote a song just about this where the chorus goes:

“What if the trees stops breathing
What if the sun turned cold
What if the birds stopped singing
What if we are the spring on hold”

And what if we as mankind are actually just like the spring on hold, and Trumps withdrawal could be just the wake up call and last push we need to finally stop holding back and just let our self as mankind bloom. Let the love for our selves, each other and mother earth, be the light that finally turns winter to spring.

The spring video


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