Are you daring to ask for help?

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Hi Friend

Today I would like to share a story about the magnificence of asking for help


The other day I had an amazing experience. A friend of mine asked me if I could come over and give her a treatment session to help get her body and energy in balance. And I of cause said yes immediately. Especially because she is in an important period of her life where being in balance is really crucial to her.

The thing is, I am actually really busy these days, so I really prioritize my time pretty strictly, but there was no doubt in my mind that the right place for me to be this Thursday was at my friend’s apartment, doing everything in my power to do her body, being and system good. And the closer I got to the day where I was going to her place, the more I looked forward to it. Of cause because I love her company and our inspirational talks. But also, because I could feel myself growing because of her trust in me. She had faith in me and in my abilities to help her. And that felt extraordinarily good.

And so, I went, we had a lovely time talking about our lives and our paths in each of our paths of personal development, and then it was time for the treatment session. We had done this before because we are both taking an education where we are learning a lot of different treatment techniques, and so we train with one another, and I felt very safe treating her, because I knew that no matter what I would intuitively feel she needed, she would not think I was crazy. And this is just the most wonderful foundation for giving the best, most beneficial and rewarding treatment session. I could completely trust my intuition and the signals I got from her body and being. We completely forgot time, we just followed the flow and went from massage techniques, to conversational therapy, to energy work, to dancing to using sound therapy….. you get the picture. And it just felt so good. Afterwards she thanked me tremendously, so deeply and sincerely. I could feel that it had made such an amazing difference to her.

Then on my way home I realized that it had truly been equally rewarding for me. Because with her trust in me she had given me the opportunity to use the full spectrum of me in my treatment of her. And I felt like I had grown 10 inches because it had really helped to strengthen the essence in me, my authority and trust in my intuition. I thought, how lucky am I that she reached out to me. She could have chosen a lot of other people to reach out to, but she chose me this time. It really made me think about my own ability to ask for help. Because I am not necessarily very good at that. I kind of try to handle a lot of things myself and I really need to have stretched myself pretty far before I consider asking for help. And why is that? I guess many of us feel like that. It’s like we think it is somehow better if we can handle as much as possible by ourselves.

But what if we are actually just robbing people around us for the chance of shining their light, and using their abilities and gifts to help us. What if my dear friend had not asked me for help. Then I would not have had the opportunity to help, to use my abilities and strengthen my belief in my own abilities and worth.

So my thought and question is…..


I wonder what would happen if we all got better at

asking each other for help?


Do you have something that you could need some help with?


And who would you like to ask for help?


And now I encourage you to go ahead, and just simply ask.

All my love


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