Dr. Freja Eriksen, M.D.

I Help you Build Optimal Health and Energy with plant-based food

So you can be at your absolute best while fully thriving

Are you afraid your are sacrificing your health for your business?  Are you starting to feel the fatigue creeping in? - feeling drained and overworked? 

That’s how I felt when finally releasing my album called It's Time for a Sustainable World in November 2020 after working diligently on it for three years besides working full time as a medical doctor.

From childhood my parents gave me the gift of a deep knowledge and consciousness on the value of great plant-based nutrition and mindset. Since then, I have expanded my knowledge of how we can optimise our health and maximise our energy in natural ways to fully thrive while having an abundance of energy and do everything that we feel called to do. This curiosity and passion led me first to medical school and later to become a certified functional medicine practitioner and unity therapist.

I have used all of this knowledge and experience to implement some great health- and energy optimising habits in my life that allowed me to work full time as a medical doctor while also record my album.

But even with all my knowledge and experience I found myself being totally drained from energy for several months after my album release.

Since then I have been obsessed with studying even more about natural health and energy optimisation and implementing effective new habits.

And I would love to help you do the same.

I know you do so much to serve your team, your clients, and impacting their lives and the world for the better. Our future depends on brave and dedicated leaders like you. I am deeply passionate about using all my knowledge and experience to serve you and help you take care of your health so that you can keep doing your important work for the world while fully thriving for as long as you want too, without your health and energy level being or becoming a limiting factor.