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Freja Eriksen

“Freja is singing from soul to soul - with power, wisdom and graceful ease.”

Author and leader of soulful events

Freja Eriksen

“It was an amazing evening!
It is lyrics, music and a voice that just continues to give. ”




I am a medical doctor and a singer songwriter.

I have always felt that music was able to alter people’s minds, behaviour and body. I have discovered that there is profound science to support this.

I have specialised in making functional music that helps you transform what’s holding you back while nourishing a deep sense of purpose and connection. We all need that to thrive. 

Make yourself a warm cup of tea, get a blanket and put the music or video on and let the lyrics and musical universe nourish your mind, body and soul.

Album Review by Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio


I have listened to this album, It’s Time, by Freja Eriksen a few times now, and each occasion I do the poignant lyrics and upbeat and empowering musical accompaniment is simply inspiring to me, as I hope it will be to you.

This voyage of musical freedom starts with an anthem like song entitled Love Revolution Arise.  As a writer of lyrics myself, this is special, it speaks of a much needed revolution, but one from the heart to the heart, where love is the only weapon.


We start the next piece with an acoustic vibe to the proceedings; the track is called Seed of life. The harmonies here are sublime as is the intent of the song itself, this is also poignant for me as I know one person who really needs to let go now and find the truth! The gentle narrative of tone and vibration is very smooth and quite classy, while Eriksen’s vocals absolutely lift the human soul.

Shine is something we all must do, and this song by Eriksen is something amazingly beautiful. The slight mournful textures here are a clever lead into the main frame of the song, one that yet again has an outstanding lyrical nature.

There is a real sense of abundance about this next piece, entitled Swim the sea. Eriksen’s vocals here are utterly brilliant, and contain a style here that is almost soul like in performance, and of course as she states in the lyrics, it’s better to swim in the sea, than be like a fish trying to climb a tree, what a superb analogy that is. 

At the mid-way point Eriksen’s last single can be found, It's time. This is a fine example of how to get a global message over to a global population through the medium of music, a fine composition, superb lyrics and song writing, all mixed together with a little passion and heart, a guaranteed winner.

Our Present is a further example of superior song writing, but one must add the soulful approach on vocals and the string section, that is a slice of continued brilliance throughout this song, and in my view you have another winner and another possible single here possibly.

The mournful energy of Our Job, is our next piece, this was beautiful to feel and touch, the descriptive song writing has amazingly graphic words and also illustrates and enhances the imagination, the acoustic vibe and strings here too are quite breathtakingly beautiful, and all go to make up one of the most scenic arrangements on the album, the message is once more so relevant to now and one hopes that this will get through, it is time.

We have arrived at the penultimate offering off the album, and this marvellous opus is entitled Spread Your Wings. If you ever wanted to suggest a song by the artist, one that exemplifies just how good a vocalist she is, then in my view this would be the track, it is truly wondrous to listen to and enjoy, and of course appreciate.

The last offering off the album is upon us and called Together We Stand, this is a truly clever way to leave the album, with a crafted anthem like song, an uplifting narrative of positivity, and thus this manifestation and resulting piece is something to be truly grateful for, Eriksen is a maestro at creating inspirational compositions, and this one is a particularly brilliant choice, as it concludes our musical journey with the artist.

It's Time, by Freja Eriksen is an exciting new release from the artist, this album bubbles over with enthusiastic compositions, designed to raise our energies, lift our souls, and give us hope of embracing the now and making the changes we need to make. Eriksen has a wonderful voice, and has thus created a multi instrumental narrative to her album that is both compelling and simply delightful to listen to, and of course, really easy to recommend.