Stop feeling tired and overworked 

When you keep draining your energy you risk burnout and you damage your foundation for long-term health. 

  • Feeling tired and overworked?
    • Afraid you are sacrificing your long-term health? 
    • Torn between your family and work?

  • Want to fully thrive with abundance of energy
  • Find it hard to prioritize yourself
  • Fear that you are on the brink of burnout

Get energised to fully thrive 

Increase your energy and be your best self at work and with your family.


Be a star at work. 


Be fully present with your family.


Build long-term health.

I have spend the last 17 years studying how to naturally optimise our health and energy-level.

 The evidens-based and naturally energising habits I am sharing with you in this course, have allowed me to work full time as a medical doctor while earning my certification as a functional medicine practitioner and unity therapist.

Plus, recording and producing my first album.

- Freja Eriksen

Medical doctor, certified functional medicine practitioner and singer songwriter 


During this 9-week online course you will get

3 x 3-hour


With energy optimising tools and habits for your mind, body and soul. 



Become part of an exclusive  FB-group with like-minded women getting the most out of life. 



Nine songs specially designed to keep you inspired and motivated.

Why this course will work wonders

- even though it feels too good to be true. 

This is not just an energy boost that will drain your ressources long-term like caffein or sugar. This is simple and evidens based habits targeting both mind, body and soul to naturally increase and sustain your energy level and longterm health.

It is build on my 17 years of education in health and energy optimisation and my extensive experience with how to implement this knowledge it in the most efficient way.

I know it can serve you as it has served me, so you will always know how to increase and sustain your health and energy level. 

Course Schedule 2021

October 2.

1pm-4pm CEST

Workshop 1: Master your Mind

Here you will:

Meet your dream version of you.

Transform what is holding you back from becoming her.

Get a transformative exercise to anchor in the new you every morning


October 23.

1pm-4pm CEST

Workshop 2: Boost your Body

Here you will:

Learn how and what to eat to fuel your body with health and energy.

Get clear on what kind of exercise is right for you and how to make it fit in your busy life.

Learn how to energise your mind and body by getting the most out of your sleep.


November 13.

1pm-4pm CEST

Workshop 3: Sooth your Soul

Here you will:

Find your unique driving force that will make sure you reach your goals.

Learn how to fill your life with meaning and purpose and why it fuels your energy-level.

Feel your own worth by feeling connected to something bigger.



New habits takes time to implement.

Together we can do this!

That's why: there are three implementation weeks between every workshops.
That's why: There will be practical worksheets you can use to help you implement the new you.
That's why: I will of course be active in our FB-group to keep you inpired and answer all of your questions along the way. 



EUR 399
EUR 199

One time payment


EUR 149/Month
75 EUR/Month

for 3 months