Reap all the benefits of singing

 - And learn how to use your voice to finally implement new healthy habits that will give you the level of energy, health and happiness you truly desire and deserve. 

  • Feeling tired and overworked?
    • Afraid you are sacrificing your long-term health? 
    • Torn between your family and work?
  • Want to fully thrive with abundance of energy
  • Find it hard to prioritize yourself
  • Fear that you are on the brink of burnout

3-hour Online Workshop

Sing Your Way to Supreme Health and Happiness

Here you will:

Learn and sing a new uplifting song

Improve your singing technique

Use your voice to transform what's holding you back from living with supreme health and happiness

Get a transformative exercise to anchor in your new healthy habits every morning 


Health and Happiness = Fully Energised and Thriving 

Increase your energy and be your best self at work and with your family.


Be a star at work. 


Be fully present with your family.


Build long-term health.

I am a singer songwriter and a medical doctor certified as a functional medicine practitioner  and Unity Therapist.

I have spend the last 17 years studying how to naturally optimise our health, energy-level and happiness.

Combined with my almost life-long experience with singing I have now developed a method to use your voice and singing to gain supreme Health and Happiness.


- Freja Eriksen

Medical doctor, certified functional medicine practitioner and singer songwriter 


In this 3-hour workshop you will get to

Sing an uplifting song and become friends with your singing voice. 

Sing with likeminded people from the comfort of your own home. 

Implement new healthy habits using the power of your voice.

Why this workshop will work wonders

- even though it feels too good to be true. 

Studies show that singing can increase your health and happiness in many ways. In this workshop we combine the proven beneficial effects of singing with using the power of your voice to effectively implement new healthy habits that will pave the way towards supreme health and happiness in both mind, body and soul. 

It is build on my life-long singing experience plus 17 years of education in natural health optimisation and my extensive experience with how to implement this knowledge in the most efficient way.

I know it can serve you as it has served me, so you will always know how to implement new long-lasting healthy habits in a fun and uplifting way.